Family Search Enthusiast 

Since the California economy is nearly dead and the financial institutions are uncertain. Needless to say, the Business Continuity Profession, being an overhead expense has suffered budget-wise.  Since my hobby for the past 30 years has been researching my genealogy I decided to accept a mission call to support the new software system.

The system is an amazing piece of collaboration software for Family Historians and Genealogists.  I am providing second level technical support on line via the Internet and helping third party software vendors to work with the Application Platform Interface.

There are many ways to volunteer to help with Family Search. Here are 3 that relate to the new family search.

  1. Serve in your local Family History center,
  2. Serve as a Family History Consultant in an LDS Ward or
  3. Apply for a part-time (15hrs week) Church Service Missionary supporting new Family Search on the internet from your home.

I am doing the latter and you really learn the hidden mysteries of this very sophisticated database software. Most of the missionaries I met on-line are stay-at-home 50-70 year old ladies.  I am impressed that they can learn to use the support tools.  The training staff and other missionary leaders are very knowledgeable and patient.

For the at-least the next six months I will be blogging on how great this global project is and how it affects everyone’s lives.