FamilySearch Mission Report 

Since June 1,2009 I have had the privilege of serving FamilySearch in a remote phone support capacity. The personnel who help new and experienced family historians and genealogists have a deep commitment to building family links between individuals.  I gained a great respect for the “little old ladies” who answer the calls and serve with all of their hearts.

The daily training sessions are conducted as professionally as any I have attended. Running a complex global application with a team of 900 volunteers is a major accomplishment for any organization. The “soul deep” commitment of these volunteers to success is built on their commitment to building a common pedigree going back to the original Biblical parents.

Most of my time was devoted to promoting the FamilySearch Developers Network. I served with Gordon Clarke, Program Manager for the Third Party Affiliate network.  We helped companies to achieve certification status for the various features offered in the Application Programming Interface (API).

I am impressed by the commitments of these commercial ventures to the success of  It is the same spirit as the volunteers, but amplified with the consecration of their capital.  Without their sacrifice of time and talent the FamilySearch product would not be as useful.

My small contribution to the developer community and marketing staff has been multiplied in return of great friendships and enlightenment to me.  Completing this year of service to the genealogy and family history community has been a great blessing from the Father of us all.  It has been the “best year of my life”.