Irish Land Records at the 2010 British Institute 

David E. Rencher, AG, GC, FUGA, FIGRS is amazing when it comes to Irish Genealogical Research! He conducted a five day intensive course at the International Society for British Genealogy and Family History in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Irish course covered church records, estate records, land records, the registry of deeds, ordinance survey maps, valuation and tithe records.  David made learning about the Irish laws and court systems interesting with his stories about We learned about Plantation and settlement of 17th century Ulster.

These excellent lectures were from nine to noon. Each afternoon he helped his ten students apply what we leaned from the morning lecture.  It was hard work but very rewarding to learn the possibilities of Irish records. The techniques we learned also apply to England and the US.

Most of the Institute students were professional genealogists specializing in British research. There were other concurrent courses on Scotland and Wales so we didn’t meet everyone. One expert that was there met Terence Quirke an Irish and UK research consultant.  He wrote and award winning book on the Quirke family, one of my yet unsearched Irish family lines!

Learning about the legal and economic abuse of the Catholic population was a life changing experience.  Since the institute I have watched two BBC series on Cromwell and Henry VII.  My English peerage ancestry and my Southern Irish Catholic ancestors are already appearing in the Irish land and estate records.  I look forward to attending the ISBGFH Institute next Fall in Salt Lake City UT.