Helmantoler.net is the source for strategic business continuity management. We help organizations survive major interruptions due to natural and man made disasters by discovering the impacts of a catastrophic interruption and building contingency plans to operate in the worst case scenarios.

Our strategic/collaborative approach to business impact analysis (BIA) sets the objectives for timely and cost-effective solution development. The BIA measures impacts from from the beginning of downtime, not only when a disaster is declared.

Through a collaborative effort, we discover business process interdependency. We help you clarify the scope of business continuity planning program by focusing on the critical elements of the enterprise.

Michael Helmantoler, is a Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) with over 15 years experience in business continuity, project management and strategic communications consulting. He has served in strategic and tactical leadership roles in global information technology companies. His career spans both government and corporate cultures with significant problem resolution responsibilities.