or Cashflow International Inc. a private equity investment firm, we determined the effect of disruptions on business processes by combining data in survey responses into charts and graphs. This helped in identifying recovery time frames based on the cumulative impact of lost revenue resulting from business disruptions due to disasters that can affect the organization.  We designed analysis techniques to quantify and qualify impacts to infrastructure systems and business processes.  We coordinated a consensus evaluation that ranked the business processes according to defined critical functions, their recovery priorities, and inter-dependencies so that recovery time objective can be set.

For a Midwestern Blue Cross/ Blue Shield insurance agency we designed a Y2K Business Impact Analysis Survey using Strohl Systems Business Impact Analysis survey tool.  This involved presenting a completed list of 45 questions to client for approval prior to administering the survey. We participated in a team to implement the questionnaire in facilitated sessions with key business unit personnel.

For seven years, we maintained and extended the Inovant corporate services BIA to cover both business unit and systems BIAs. This involved obtaining multiple subject matter experts, customer representatives and business managers to agree on the recovery time objective and committing to an appropriate mitigation investment.  We converted over one hundred BIA report documents into a mail merge program that allowed the annual update to change the document format without having to re-enter the information. With the availability of a web developer, we converted the mail merge program to web based screens that could be updated by multiple users and generate reports that could integrate with data from business continuity plans in another database system.

For the Visa International Service Center in Baltimore Maryland we conducted a Business Unit BIA covering 27 call center functions. The pre-interview email contained a short 8 question survey requesting the manager list the customer facing services they provided along with the systems they relied upon for each service. We conducted 24 interviews over a 4 day period discussing impacts of extended outages, service level agreements and maximum tolerable outages of supporting technology. We created a summary report of the 27 service functions and prioritized the recovery times with input from Baltimore managers. The preliminary BIA was then reviewed by the IT disaster recovery team and integrated into a corporate BIA.

For the Technology Solutions division of Inovant, we administered a Excel spreadsheet survey to eight development business units. The objective was to determine the business impact of unavailability of software development environments to business deliverables. The spreadsheets were integrated and rolled up to a summary report with charts and graphs showing the dollar impact of loss of billable revenue and the potential impact to failed processing services.

For all Project Management Offices and regional IT service delivery managers at Visa we developed a one page Excel workbook Business Impact Analysis tool. The user interacted with a one page spreadsheet that contained with pick lists for respondent answers. The workbook contained hidden weighting scales and would transform the data into a database record row that could be imported into a database.