Helmantoler.net supports organizations seeking to be more resilient. We help you benefit from real-time collaboration by combining multiple collaborative functions into an interactive business continuity management information system.

MicroSoft SharePoint can be used to collaborate during business continuity planning. This information technology platform has possibilities for intra-team collaboration on processes that span across business units.

Coupled with web conferencing tools, a synergistic continuity community can be built and sustained for purposes of emergency response and interruption recovery.

1. Work from the top of an organization down to the infrastructure at the bottom

2. Bring initial executive consensus on top level interruption impacts

3. Drive downward to discover details through successive collaborative delegations

4. Coordinate process maximum alowable interruption times between business units

5. Capture data and generate reports from the web based colaboration tools

6. Leverage features available in PC based teleconferencing tools.