As a Director of Congressional and Public Affairs for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) in the US Commerce department we developed, co-coordinated, evaluated, and exercised crisis communications plans. During a Congressional funding deadline crisis that shut down the Federal Government, we communicated with key customers, critical suppliers, stakeholders, and senior management on an as-needed basis.

As the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for the Washington DC Stake of the LDS Church we developed a HAM radio network to reach residential neighborhoods and to deliver status back to a central assembly point. We pre-arranged a calling tree to reach social workers and psychologists to provide trauma counseling for employees and their families.

We coordinated media briefings on FEMA response to the Mount St. Helen’s eruption for the US House of Representatives Committee on Science and Technology.

Our training from the American Red Cross authorizes us to perform the role of a Communications Officer coordinating set up networks to handle the media during crisis situations.   As a Public Information Officer we are trained to represent the Chapter before news cameras on apartment fire relocations in the Washington DC suburbs.

In several political campaigns as a media specialist and candidate, we initiated and responded to print and broadcast media opportunities.

During 911 we set up the Visa corporate Emergency Operations Center and supported the crisis management team on a dozen exercises with the corporate communications officers.