We have served in both public agency and private business roles, and understand the operations and motivations of parties in both worlds.

As the public information specialist for the Ogden Air Material Area commander, we prepared briefings to local government officials on the environmental effects of hazardous material disposal in their area.

As a member of the Montgomery County Red Cross Disaster Services we worked with county fire and police to establish applicable procedures and policies for co-coordinating response, continuity, and restoration activities ensuring compliance with applicable Red Cross statutes or regulations.

As a member of the National Red Cross Disaster Action Team we coordinated relief efforts with Mt. Pleasant South Carolina local authorities during the 1989 Hurricane Hugo recovery.

We worked with Defense Department to switch land-line telecommunications circuits following a disaster. This involved conducting site, equipment and process evaluations for switching commercial video satellites to long distance priority voice and data communications following a nuclear catastrophe.

We advised FEMA and the Department of Defense concerning the continuity of the national telecommunications system under proposed deregulation and breakup of AT&T.

Following the Three Mile Island nuclear incident, we coordinated Congressional communications with the national news media and organized press conferences and conducted background briefings.

As a private sector employee for the major employer in a city, I initiated the working relationship with the city emergency operations center manager and encouraged broader communications with the employee safety and health specialist. This evolved to the point that the company emergency manager began conducting joint exercises.

For four years as a board member, we managed the public relations activities of  the Business Recovery Managers Association. We reached out to build a public and private partnership to county emergency operations centers. We built a web site and held volunteer recruiting opportunities at the county disaster preparedness day attended several thousand members of the public.