For the American Red Cross we responded as the emergency services Disaster Action Team (DAT) leader in several home and apartment fires. In 1990 we provided logistics support for mass care operations during flash flood events in West Virginia.

For Montgomery County Maryland Emergency Services, we served in the Radio Amateur Communications Emergency Services (RACES) providing support to the county Emergency Operations Center in actual emergencies as a transportation communicator in blizzards and a train wreck.

While reviewing a Y2K plan for a State Human Services agency we were hit by a freak tornado and exercised the emergency response plan.  We tended to injured personnel and activated the emergency operations center.

For the global headquarters of VISA, we brought together three business entities to develop and implement procedures for responding to and stabilizing the situation via a joint crisis management team and emergency operations center following an incident or event. On September 11, 2001 we established and managed logistics for the Emergency Operations Center was used as the global command center during the emergency.  We participated on the planning and intelligence team in semi-annual exercises for 5 years. Exercises included scenarios with earthquakes, dirty bombs, hazardous materials, pandemic flu, and hurricane damage.

As a representative of the Business Recovery Managers Association (BRMA) we were invited by San Mateo County California to participate in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) training exercise at the FEMA Emergency Management Institute in Maryland. This week long exercise coordinated three areas: policy, coordination and operations representing the executive team, an Emergency Operations Center and the Incident Management command area. Serving in the Business Liaison role, we represented local private sector interests in the form of a representative from the BRMA. This liaison role performed in the policy group and focused on recovery coordination with representatives of the Department of Homeland Security, Red Cross and Geographic Information Systems.

As a neighborhood coordinator for the Foster City Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) we served as a Field Team Leader in an earthquake exercise. We participated with the two city Fire departments in Operation Silver Dragon.

We served on the Command Team during the Menlo Park Fire Department Golden Shadow exercise. This exercise utilized HAM operators, Satellite phones and text messaging to involve the public in direct reporting of the human effects of unknown biological agents in the community.