As a Strohl Business Continuity Consultant to Advanta Bank we pre-planed and co-coordinated plan exercises, and evaluate and document plan exercise results.

As Chief Business Recovery Planning Architect for VISA, we developed processes to maintain the currency of continuity capabilities and the plan document in accordance with the organization’s strategic direction.

As a Y2K consultant for Ag Credit and the Utah State Government we verified that the Y2K plan was effective by comparing it to the FFIEC and Comptroller of the Currency guidelines. We built the plans based on the processes identified as most critical from the business impact standpoint. We determined process interdependencies, resources needed for the process and tasks required to continue the process during an infrastructure interruption.

Communication plans were built to initiate and complete a cascading call tree. The plans were created using text files attached to database tables and published in a PDF format with a table of contents. By virtue of the database, we were able to develop summary lists of resources for use in the logistics function of the crisis management team. We pre-planed and coordinated plan exercises, and evaluated and documented plan exercise results.